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Paper: Spatial Distribution of an AGN Plasma Torus with 0.04-parsec Resolution
Volume: 402, Approaching Micro-Arcsecond Resolution with VSOP-2: Astrophysics and Technologies
Page: 120
Authors: Namikawa, D.; Nakamura, K.; Kameno, S.; Sawada-Sato, S.
Abstract: We report on the spatial and opacity distributions of the plasma in the AGN torus of NGC 1052. We use a new method to determine the spatial distribution of Free-Free Absorption (FFA) using multi-epoch observations at one frequency as the jet material moves behind the core region. The resolution is given by the observation interval and the knot speed in the jets. by VLBA 2-cm monitoring images with a 0.4-mas-resolution opacity distribution that is better than the synthesized beam size. The opacity extends more than 0.7 pc with a significant gradient as a function of the distance from the core. We also found 0.05-pc scale inhomogeneities indicating small clumps of the plasma.
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