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Paper: AGN Science with VSOP and Prospects for VSOP-2
Volume: 402, Approaching Micro-Arcsecond Resolution with VSOP-2: Astrophysics and Technologies
Page: 96
Authors: Kameno, S.
Abstract: VSOP is the first space VLBI project, consisting of a space radio telescope HALCA and many ground radio telescopes. The highest resolution was 0.3 mas using a 30,000-km baseline. In the 8-yr mission lifetime since 1997, the project had completed more than 700 observations, primarily targeting active galactic nuclei (AGNs). AGN jets, lobes, cores, and accreting matter were imaged with a high resolution three times better than that of ground VLBI. In this paper I summarize highlights of VSOP results and also discuss prospects to the next space VLBI mission, VSOP-2.
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