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Paper: Multi-physics Plasma Simulation by the Interlocking of Two Different Hybrid Models
Volume: 385, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows: Astronum-2007
Page: 228
Authors: Sugiyama, T.; Kusano, K.
Abstract: We have developed a new interlocked simulation model to connect an Ion-Particle Hybrid simulation model (Hybrid) and an Energetic-Particle Hybrid simulation (EP-Hyb) model. In the conventional Ion-Particle Hybrid model, all ions are kinetically treated as particles. In the EP-Hyb model, non-thermal energetic ions are kinetically treated, and the thermal component is calculated as a fluid. The interlocked model is applied to an one-dimensional collisionless shock problem. The data of each hybrid model are exchanged through the boundary at every time-step. Resultantly, the present simulation can handle the full ion kinetics to investigate the injection problem at the shock transition region by the Hybrid model, and also the wave-particle interactions even in the far upstream region to investigate the diffusive acceleration process by the EP-Hyb model. Since the calculation cost of the EP-Hyb model is much smaller than that of the Hybrid model, with the interlocked simulation we can considerably reduce the computational demand.
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