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Paper: Protoplanet–protoplanetary Disk Interaction with a Godunov Method
Volume: 385, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows: Astronum-2007
Page: 121
Authors: Masset, F.S.
Abstract: Godunov methods possess a number of highly desirable properties, but they present undesirable drawbacks when dealing with nearly steady flows with source terms. This is of particular importance when simulating protoplanet embedded in a protoplanetary disk: the planet tidally excites spiral shocks in the disk, which are correctly described by a Godunov method, but a protoplanetary disk is also essentially a thin differentially rotating layer of gas in vertical hydrostatic equilibrium. This equilibrium is poorly handled by a classical Godunov method. I describe a method based upon the zone splitting technique of LeVeque (1998) that enables one to achieve an accurate numerical hydrostatic equilibrium in a thin disk while keeping all the properties of Godunov methods.
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