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Paper: New Constraints on Dark Matter Substructure from Weak Gravitational Flexion
Volume: 379, Cosmic Frontiers
Page: 338
Authors: Rowe, B.; Bacon, D.; Heymans, C.; Taylor, A.; Massey, R.; Barden, M.; Caldwell, J.A.R.
Abstract: We place a first weak lensing constraint on the degree of substructure present in the Universe using a determination of the width of the measured flexion distribution for galaxies in the HST-GEMS survey. This then places a robust upper limit on the gravitational flexion variance at the angular scales of the GEMS galaxy images themselves. The sensitivity of flexion to small-scale power allows this measurement to restrict the substructure mass fraction in this field to a value fm < 0.4, for a mass variance σ8 = 0.9. We briefly discuss the potential for this method to further improve upon this constraint.
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