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Paper: Analysis of Color Variability of BL Lac during 1997 and 1999 Outbursts
Volume: 284, AGN Surveys, IAU Colloquium 184
Page: 363
Authors: Hagen-Thorn, Vladimir A.; Larionov, Valery M.; Hagen-Thorn, A. V.; Jorstad, S. G.; Temnov, G. O.
Abstract: The analysis of multicolor observations of BL Lac obtained in the 1997 and 1999 outbursts shows that in both cases the spectral energy distribution of variable source was unchanged in the course of outburst. The sources had power-law spectra with slightly different spectral indexes (the spectrum was flatter in the more powerful outburst of 1997). The variable sources are most probable of synchrotron nature.
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