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Paper: The JCMT Observatory Control System
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 500
Authors: Rees, Nick; Economou, Frossie; Jenness, Tim; Kackley, Russell; Walther, Craig; Dent, Bill; Folger, Martin; Gao, Xiaofeng; Kelly, Dennis; Lightfoot, John; Pain, Ian; Hovey, Gary; Willis, Tony; Redman, Russell
Abstract: The JCMT, the world's largest sub-mm telescope, has had essentially the same VAX/VMS based control system since it was commissioned. For the next generation of instrumentation we are implementing a new Unix/VxWorks based system, based on the successful ORAC system that was recently released on UKIRT. This paper gives a broad overview of the system architecture and includes some discussion on the choices made. The pros and cons of using XML as an inherent part of the system architecture are also discussed.
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