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Paper: Queued Service Observing (QSO) at CFHT I. Phase 2 Database and Observation Submission Tool
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 492
Authors: Savalle, R.; Martin, P.; Shapiro, J.; Vermeulen, T.
Abstract: We have designed a web application, the Phase 2 Tool (PH2), which enables scientific investigators to precisely describe the observations to be carried out in the Queued Service Observing (QSO) mode with the CFH12K mosaic wide-field imager at CFHT . This application stores the observation definitions in a relational database which is later used to select and perform observations in Service Observing mode. The Phase 2 database and the web application code are replicated on several mirrored hosts located in North America and Europe to guarantee equally efficient access to all CFHT users. This paper discusses the reasons for a web-based application, the technology used for its development, and describes the structure of the replicated database and application.
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