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Paper: Starlink Software: a Grid- and Web-Enabled Future Using Globus?
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 475
Authors: McIlwrath, B. K.; Giaretta, D. L.
Abstract: The recent development of an AstroGrid within the UK community has made it important that as much existing data analysis software as possible can be made ``Grid aware''. This paper describes preliminary work done by Starlink in this area. Several approaches to enable remote data access for existing applications (direct integration with the Globus API and indirect use of Globus utilities) have been shown to be viable. With the geographical dispersion of resources on the Grid, web-interfaces (known as ``portals'') to applications and utilities are likely to became increasingly prevalent. A prototype Grid-Portal has been created using ``MyProxy'' technology and the Globus toolkit to demonstrate secure login and access to Grid utilities. It has also been shown that this can be extended to give the capability to run many existing Starlink Applications remotely using just the Globus GSI security component.
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