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Paper: Gendoc: A Flexible Software Documentation Generator
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 462
Authors: Wenger, Marc; Mathonet, Hervé
Abstract: A characteristic of modern software development is the use of several languages for one application, and difficulties maintaining up-to-date documentation. A well-known solution is to embed the documentation in the source program itself, and to apply a specific utility to extract it and translate it into HTML pages or [La]TeX files. Javadoc for Java, or Doxygen for C/C++, perform these tasks, in the context of a particular language, of providing documentation syntax and formatting the resultant output. CDS has developed a universal and extensible tool to allow inclusion of documentation in source code for any language and generate output in virtually any format. It is based on a three-layer architecture: language specific analyzers, an intermediate data model represented by an XML file, and modules to generate the documentation output. An index, built from the words contained in the documentation, is also generated. This tool, which will soon be made available, already allows homogeneous documentation for C/C++, Java, and Perl languages, with XML and HTML outputs. Its modularity allow easy extension to new languages and output formats.
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