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Paper: Metadata-driven Processing in the BIMA Image Pipeline
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 346
Authors: Plante, Raymond L.; Guillaume, Damien; Mehringer, David M.; Crutcher, Richard M.
Abstract: In the BIMA Data Archive, metadata are encoded in XML and are stored along with the data collections they describe. The metadata summarize not only the contents of the collections but also their history and the original scientific intent. In this presentation, we illustrate how this information is used to drive automated processing of the data through the BIMA Image Pipeline. The data management chores of the pipeline are implemented as metadata transformations using XSLT; these include deciding when certain processing should take place and generating the processing scripts based on scientific intent. We also describe a framework for metadata schema definition and publishing; such a framework allows applications to adapt automatically to new schemas. We demonstrate this idea with our tool for searching data collections. A generalized framework such as this will be important for the Virtual Observatory which must not only manage diverse data collections but evolve to handle new types of data in service of the new science that the Observatory will inspire.
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