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Paper: Development of the Subaru-Mitaka-Okayama-Kiso Archive System
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 298
Authors: Baba, Hajime; Yasuda, Naoki; Ichikawa, Shin-Ichi; Yagi, Masafumi; Iwamoto, Nobuyuki; Takata, Tadafumi; Horaguchi, Toshihiro; Taga, Masatoshi; Watanabe, Masaru; Ozawa, Tomohiko; Hamabe, Masaru
Abstract: We have developed the Subaru-Mitaka-Okayama-Kiso-Archive (SMOKA) public science archive system which provides access to the data of the Subaru Telescope, the 188 cm telescope at Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, and the 105 cm Schmidt telescope at Kiso Observatory/University of Tokyo. SMOKA is the successor of the MOKA3 system. The user can browse the Quick-Look Images, Header Information (HDI) and the ASCII Table Extension (ATE) of each frame from the search result table. A request for data can be submitted in a simple manner. The system is developed with Java Servlet for the back-end, and Java Server Pages (JSP) for content display. The advantage of JSP's is the separation of the front-end presentation from the middle- and back-end tiers which led to an efficient development of the system. The SMOKA homepage is available at SMOKA
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