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Paper: Data Processing Improvements that can be Made to Final Archives
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 265
Authors: Bristow, Paul; Alexov, Anastasia; Kerber, Florian; Rosa, Michael
Abstract: The Instrument Physical Modeling Group (IPMG) at the Space Telescope European Co-ordinating Facility (ST-ECF) is commissioned with developing improvements to the pipeline calibration of HST instruments. Fundamental to our approach are the predictive power of physical modeling techniques and the long baselines provided by the post operational analysis of the entire dataset collected during the lifetime of the instrument. The FOS was adopted as the instrument for our pilot study. We report here those aspects of the calibration and concepts which yielded the most significant results and which can be projected into the calibration pipelines of current and future instruments in space and on the ground.
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