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Paper: Registered File Support for Critical Operations Files at SIRTF
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 251
Authors: Turek, G.; Handley, T.; Jacobson, J.; Rector, J.
Abstract: The SIRTF Science Center's (SSC) Science Operations System (SOS) has to contend with nearly one hundred critical operations files via comprehensive file management services. The management is accomplished via the registered file system (otherwise known as TFS) which manages these files in a registered file repository composed of a virtual file system accessible via a TFS server and a file registration database. The TFS server provides controlled, reliable, and secure file transfer and storage by registering all file transactions and meta-data in the file registration database. An API is provided for application programs to communicate with TFS servers and the repository. A command line client implementing this API has been developed as a client tool. This paper describes the architecture, current implementation, and more importantly, the evolution of these services based on evolving community use cases and emerging information system technology.
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