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Paper: Re-use of the ISO Data Archive to Build the XMM-NEWTON Science Archive
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 247
Authors: Arviset, Christophe; Hernández, José; Dowson, John; Osuna, Pedro
Abstract: The ISO Data Archive (IDA) has been developed by the ESA ISO Data Centre at Villafranca, Spain. Since its release to the community in December 1998, it has offered a state-of-the art archive facility to access ISO data products and auxiliary files. It is accessible at ISO data products Early in 2001, it was decided to develop the XMM-NEWTON Science Archive (XSA) based on the successful and flexible IDA architecture and design. This means re-using not only design and code, but also experienced manpower resources, in order to deliver the XSA first public release in March 2002, when proprietary XMM-NEWTON data first becomes public. This paper details the re-usability aspects applied to build the XSA from the IDA, which reduced development and maintenance costs significantly, and homogenized the look-and-feel of archive interfaces across ESA astronomical satellite missions.
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