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Paper: PyDrizzle: Using Python to Simplify Running the IRAF Task `drizzle'
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 197
Authors: Hack, Warren J.
Abstract: Astronomers working with dithered datasets can use the IRAF task `drizzle' to optimally combine their images into a single frame and (potentially) remove geometric distortion. However, this task requires a significant amount of work to determine the necessary parameter values to properly combine the images. The program PyDrizzle has been written in Python using the PyRAF environment to automate the use of this IRAF task. It automatically computes all the necessary `drizzle' parameters for processing either single images or associated observations into a single output frame, while still providing the means for the user to manually set key parameters. This paper illustrates the design used for building this Python task, including how the Python code interfaces with the IRAF task itself. PyDrizzle demonstrates how simple it can be to write a Python routine that incorporates IRAF tasks to build a new data analysis program.
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