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Paper: An SAO-DS9-Based Widget Interface for Compressed Images
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 173
Authors: Gastaud, René D.; Popoff, Fabien S.; Starck, Jean-Luc
Abstract: Astronomical images can be efficiently compressed by the multi-resolution package MR1. We describe here a user interface for the images compressed by the software package MR/1 which comes as a plug-in for the popular astronomical image viewer SAO-DS9. This interface allows the user to load a compressed file and to choose not only the scale, but also the size and the portion of image to be displayed, resulting in reduced memory and processing requirements. Astrometry and all SAO-DS9 functionalities are still available. The Tcl/Tk source code of the interface, and the binary code for the decompression (for Unix and Windows) will be made available to the astronomical community.
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