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Paper: WCSTools 3.0: More Tools for Image Astrometry and Catalog Searching
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 169
Authors: Mink, Douglas J.
Abstract: For five years, WCSTools has provided image astrometry for astronomers who need accurate positions for objects they wish to observe. Other functions have been added and improved since the package was first released. Support has been added for new catalogs, such as the GSC-ACT, 2MASS Point Source Catalog, and GSC II, as they have been published. A simple command line interface can search any supported catalog, returning information in several standard formats, whether the catalog is on a local disk or searchable over the World Wide Web. The catalog searching routine can be located on either end (or both ends!) of such a web connection, and the output from one catalog search can be used as the input to another search.
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