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Paper: The Expanded VLA Project
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 160
Authors: Sahr, Bill; Hunt, Gareth; Cornwell, Tim
Abstract: It is anticipated that construction funds for the first stage of the Expanded VLA (EVLA) project will soon be approved by the National Science Foundation. The expansion of the VLA will provide an order of magnitude improvement in performance of the VLA in six different parameters: sensitivity, time resolution, spectral resolution, spatial resolution, tuning capability, and fidelity. In addition, the new signal combiner and processor (``correlator'') will provide significantly improved immunity to radio frequency interference (RFI). The new instrumentation provides significant challenges to the design and implementation of the software systems. The present VLA control system was designed in the 1970s and will be completely re-implemented. Research will be needed into algorithms for several data reduction applications, including RFI mitigation and bandwidth synthesis. A new coordinated approach will be used to support end-to-end data processing including proposal handling and automatic pipeline image processing to provide images in a publicly available archive.
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