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Paper: Parallel and Distributed Astronomical Imaging with the Glish Software Bus
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 83
Authors: Willis, A. G.
Abstract: Glish provides both the scripting language and the message-passing mechanism that is used in the AIPS++ project. Together, these facilities can be used to easily build powerful large-scale distributed and parallel data-processing systems. At least in the opinion of this author, these capabilities have not received the attention they deserve in the astronomical data-processing community. I discuss three examples of the use of Glish in large-scale data-processing. Firstly I give an update on the architecture of the ACSIS project, where Glish is being used as the basis for a large-scale distributed pipeline system. Using Glish functionality we can easily instantiate multiple imaging pipelines running in parallel and view the processed data and images in near real time. Secondly, I describe the use of Glish as the transport mechanism in a parallel-processing simulation of Square Kilometer Array (SKA) imaging. Finally I show how distributed processing can be accomplished by glish scripts alone.
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