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Paper: StarView: A Uniform Interface to Multiple Archives
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 73
Authors: Gaffney, Niall I.; Brandt, Molly; Donahue, Megan
Abstract: StarView has evolved into a general astronomical archive browsing client. It can now interact with multiple missions and archives simultaneously. Doing more than simply finding and requesting data, StarView acts as a link between unrelated archives where none existed before. By using StarView as an access tool for their archive, information providers are relieved from having to develop new isolated interfaces and working out interoperability issues with other archives. Users benefit from not having to learn new interfaces to query and retrieve data from different archives. With archives linked by StarView, users can easily leverage results from one archive against another. Further, as new information providers come along, users become aware of new services much faster than if they had to find them on the Internet. We present the initial release of StarView version 7.0. At this time, StarView works with the STScI HST archive, the ESO/ECF HST archive, and many of the MAST archive services at STScI including IUE, EUVE, and the FIRST survey. We discuss the services needed to make any existing archive or catalog server work with StarView. More information about StarView is available from starview .
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