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Paper: The ISO Data Archive and Interoperability with Other Archives
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 58
Authors: Salama, Alberto; Arviset, Christophe; Hernández, José; Dowson, John; Osuna, Pedro
Abstract: The ESA's Infrared Space Observatory (ISO), an unprecedented observatory for infrared astronomy launched in November 1995, successfully made nearly 30,000 scientific observations in its 2.5-year mission. The ISO data can be retrieved from the ISO Data Archive, available at ISO Data Archive , and comprised of about 150,000 observations, including parallel and serendipity mode observations. A user-friendly Java interface permits queries to the database and data retrieval. The interface currently offers a wide variety of links to other archives, such as name resolution with NED and SIMBAD, access to electronic articles from ADS and CDS/VizieR, and access to IRAS data. In the past year development has been focused on improving the IDA interoperability with other astronomical archives, either by accessing other relevant archives or by providing direct access to the ISO data for external services. A mechanism of information transfer has been developed, allowing direct query to the IDA via a Java Server Page, returning quick look ISO images and relevant, observation-specific information embedded in an HTML page. This method has been used to link from the CDS/Vizier Data Centre and ADS, and work with IPAC to allow access to the ISO Archive from IRSA, including display capabilities of the observed sky regions onto other mission images, is in progress. Prospects for further links to and from other archives and databases are also addressed.
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