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Paper: TEBC: A Multi-mission Time, Ephemeris, and Barycenter Correction Package
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 54
Authors: Rots, Arnold H.
Abstract: TEBC is provided as a service to missions and observatories that all have to deal with issues of time and space. Written in ANSI C, TEBC has five main components/tools to: perform conversions between various time scales (TT, TAI, ET, UTC, TDB); generate solar system ephemerides in FITS format; compute barycenter corrections; perform phase-binning of pulsar observations; calculate absolute phase for pulsars. In addition, there is a related, though separate, C++ library that provides time-related classes with an extensive repertoire of time transformation methods. The TEBC package is based on a FITS-ified version of the JPL DE200 and DE405 solar system ephemerides and includes the code to convert the original JPL files to this format. It was originally written to provide a high-precision barycenter tool for the RXTE mission, but support for Chandra has been included, other missions can easily be added, and the functionality of the package has been extended.
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