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Paper: Interoperability
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 41
Authors: Genova, Fran├žoise
Abstract: One key element for increasing the scientific value of access to archives is the implementation of interoperability of data archives and information services. This allows scientists to retrieve the data of interest for their research among the large variety of possible information sources, to be able to formulate queries to these distributed, heterogeneous on-line resources, and to be able to use the data they retrieve. Networking of information in astronomy began soon after the advent of the WWW, taking advantage of existing community standards. Main objectives for the near future, in particular in the context of the Virtual Observatory developments, are to add new archives to the network and to progress towards the integration of query results. New metadata and standards will have to be defined, and XML is a very promising tool for information tagging and exchange. A prototype of archive interoperability will be developed in the frame of the Astronomical Virtual Observatory project, on a set of ground-based and space-based multi-wavelength archives.
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