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Paper: XML in Action for VO Solutions
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 25
Authors: Fernique, Pierre; Bonnarel, Fran├žois; Louys, Mireille; Ochsenbein, Fran├žois; Wenger, Marc
Abstract: Efficient interoperability tools between the astronomical data servers are one of the key elements of the Virtual Observatory. The HTTP protocol combined with the XML syntax is a pragmatic solution to increase this interoperability. The CDS approach is to build progressively a set of operational descriptions for information exchanged between astronomy on-line services, which takes into account specific aspects of the described data. This approach started with astronomical catalogs of the VizieR service and the establishment of the XML Astrores standard. The XML description of information about astronomical objects (SIMBAD) is the second step of this process. The next step is under development for images (Aladin). Additionally, the GLU CDS system - a distributed resource dictionary - is now ready to provide its records in XML. This means that any software, such as future VO applications, can know the astronomical resources available and how to query them, with a simple HTTP query to the nearest GLU site. This opens the path to further integration of heterogeneous distributed information.
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