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Paper: Theory in a Virtual Observatory
Volume: 281, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI
Page: 7
Authors: Teuben, Peter; De Young, Dave; Hut, Piet; Levy, Stuart; Makino, Jun; McMillan, Steve; Portegies Zwart, Simon; Slavin, Shawn
Abstract: During the last couple of years, observers have started to make plans for a Virtual Observatory, as a federation of existing databases, connected through levels of software that enable rapid searches, correlations, and various forms of data mining. We propose to extend the notion of a Virtual Observatory by adding archives of simulations, together with interactive query and visualization capabilities, as well as ways to simulate observations of simulations in order to compare them with observations. For this purpose, we have already organized two small workshops, earlier in 2001, in Tucson and Aspen. We have also provided concrete examples of theory data, designed to be federated with a Virtual Observatory. These data stem from a project to construct an archive for our large-scale simulations using the GRAPE-6 (a 32-Teraflops special purpose computer for stellar dynamics). We are constructing interfaces by which remote observers can observe these simulations. In addition, these data will enable detailed comparisons between different simulations.
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