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Paper: Nested Bars and Associated Morphology of Central Kpc in Disk Galaxies
Volume: 275, Disks of Galaxies: Kinematics, Dynamics and Perturbations
Page: 231
Authors: Shlosman, I.
Abstract: We discuss different aspects of nested bar systems, both observational and theoretical. Such systems consist of a large-scale primary bar leading to the formation of a sub-kpc size secondary bar, whose pattern speed differs substantially from that of the main bar. Specifically, we focus on the origin and gravitational decoupling of nested bars, and their characteristic gas flows on scales of ~ 100 pc-10 kpc, with and without gas gravity. We find that the gas response in nested bars differs profoundly from that in single bars, and that no offset dust lanes form in the secondary bars. We also discuss briefly the importance of nested bar systems for redshifts corresponding to galaxy formation epoch.
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