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Paper: A Sub-mm Imaging Survey of Ultracompact HII Regions
Volume: 267, Hot Star Workshop III: the Earliest Stages of Massive Star Birth
Page: 429
Authors: Thompson, M.; Hatchell, J.; MacDonald, G.; Millar, T.
Abstract: Ultracompact (UC) H II regions are currently the best known tracer of massive YSOs and represent the earliest confirmed stage of massive star formation. In excess of 150 UC HII regions have been detected, mainly by radio surveys. Whilst the environments of UC HII regions are known very well on the small scale (a few arcseconds) they are not well known on scales over 40 arcsec. This is because most UC HII's have, to date, been observed using either interferometers (to gain information on small scales at the expense of large scales) or by single-position large-beam (typically 40 arcsec or worse) spectroscopy. To redress this issue we recently undertook an imaging survey of over 100 UC HII regions using SCUBA on the JCMT, which enables us to rapidly map with high-resolution the dust emission from the clumps in which the UC HII's are embedded.
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