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Paper: The X-ray View of Massive Star Formation: New High-Resolution Images and Spectra from Chandra
Volume: 267, Hot Star Workshop III: the Earliest Stages of Massive Star Birth
Page: 419
Authors: Skinner, S.; Daniel, K.; Gagné, M.
Abstract: We present new Chandra results for massive young stars including the Wolf-Rayet binary gamma2 Velorum (WC8+O7.5), the young O7 V star theta1 Ori C, and the massive YSO Oph S1. The Chandra high-energy transmission grating (HETG) spectra of gamma2 Vel and theta1 Ori C show strong similarities including broadened unshifted emission lines and hot plasma diagnostics (T > 20 MK) such as FeXXV. Surprisingly, the dynamical signatures expected for line formation in high-velocity shocked winds are not seen. Chandra reveals a second weak X-ray source 4.8'' north of gamma2 Vel that may be a low-mass pre-main-sequence star. Simultaneous Chandra and VLA observations detected X-ray and radio variability in Oph S1 on short timescales, confirming its magnetic nature.
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