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Paper: The Southern Dust Pillars of the Carina Nebula
Volume: 267, Hot Star Workshop III: the Earliest Stages of Massive Star Birth
Page: 353
Authors: Brooks, K. J.; Rathborne, J. M.; Burton, M. G.; Cox, P.
Abstract: We present preliminary results from a detailed study towards four previously detected bright mid-infrared sources in the southern part of the Carina Nebula: G287.73-0.92, G287.84-0.82, G287.93-0.99 and G288.07-0.80. All of these sources are located at the heads of giant dust pillars that point towards the nearby massive star cluster, Trumpler 16. It is unclear if these pillars are the prime sites for a new generation of triggered star formation or if instead they are the only remaining parts of the nebula where ongoing star formation can take place.
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