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Paper: Massive Star Birth in the Inner Galaxy: Obscured Massive Star Clusters
Volume: 267, Hot Star Workshop III: the Earliest Stages of Massive Star Birth
Page: 283
Authors: Blum, R. D.; Conti, P. S.; Damineli, A.; Figuerêdo, E.
Abstract: The current census of, and stellar population in, massive Galactic star clusters is reviewed. In particular, we concentrate on a recent survey of obscured Galactic Giant HII (GHII) regions and the associated stellar clusters embedded in them. The regions have been selected as the most luminous radio continuum sources, and as such the stellar clusters appear to be among the youngest massive clusters in the Galaxy. The emergent stellar populations are further studied through near infrared spectroscopy of the brighter members. We also discuss the massive stellar clusters within 50 pc of the Galactic center (GC), comparing their known properties to those found in the GHII region survey. It is suggested that the somewhat younger clusters associated with the GHII regions are more suited to measuring the initial mass function in massive star clusters. Narrow band images in the central pc of the GC are presented which identify the young stellar sequence associated with the evolved HeI emission line stars.
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