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Paper: The Impact of Massive Stars on the Formation of Young Stellar Clusters
Volume: 267, Hot Star Workshop III: the Earliest Stages of Massive Star Birth
Page: 257
Authors: Megeath, S. T.; Biller, B.; Dame, T. M.; Leass, E.; Whitaker, R. S.; Wilson, T. L.
Abstract: Massive OB stars play an important role in the evolution of molecular clouds and star-forming regions. The OB stars both photo-ionize molecular gas as well as sweep up and compress interstellar gas through winds, ionization fronts, and supernovae. In this contribution, we examine the effect massive stars have on the formation of young stellar clusters. We first discuss the processes by which OB stars destroy cluster-forming molecular cores, and hence terminate star formation. We overview observational evidence that OB stars forming in young stellar clusters destroy their parental cores on a timescale of 0.1 Myr, and we discuss some of the implications of this result. We then summarize extensive observations of the NGC 281 molecular cloud complex, and present evidence that two types of triggered star formation are occurring in this complex. Our goal is to underscore the impact massive stars have on cluster formation over distances ranging from 0.1 pc to 300 pc.
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