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Paper: An Ionized Accretion Flow in the Ultracompact HII Region G10.6-0.4
Volume: 267, Hot Star Workshop III: the Earliest Stages of Massive Star Birth
Page: 51
Authors: Keto, E.
Abstract: Analysis of the H66alpha radio recombination line velocities in the ultracompact HII region G10.6-0.4 indicates inward motion of the ionized gas within the HII region. Comparison with the velocities of molecular lines from the surrounding neutral gas suggests that a molecular accretion flow passes through the ionization boundary of the HII region and continues inward as an ionized accretion flow. Interpreted in the context of a model for star formation in hot molecular cores (HMC) these observations indicate that G10.6-0.4 is at a stage of development just after the massive star or stars at the center of the accretion flow have first formed an ionized HII region within the hot molecular core.
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