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Paper: Multiple X-ray Periodicity in the Rapidly Rotating O-Star, ζ Ophiuchi
Volume: 337, The Nature and Evolution of Disks Around Hot Stars
Page: 329
Authors: Waldron, W.L.
Abstract: The late main sequence O-star, ζ Oph, is an ideal X-ray target for investigating how the observed X-ray characteristics depend on a variety of interesting stellar phenomena, such as rapid rotation, disk structures, non-radial pulsations, and a low density fast wind. In this discussion the Chandra HETGS spectra of ζ Oph are presented. Although these are similar in appearance with those of other late O-stars, there are some interesting differences in the X-ray emission line characteristics which suggest that the X-ray emission my be con- fined in a disk structure. In addition, the X-ray emission displays both short term (hours) multiple periodicity and long term (years) X-ray variability.
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