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Paper: Observed Magnetism in Massive Stars
Volume: 337, The Nature and Evolution of Disks Around Hot Stars
Page: 114
Authors: Henrichs, H.F.; Schnerr, R.S.; ten Kulve, E.
Abstract: A large range of observational phenomena among massive stars (the OB stars and A supergiants) cannot be explained without the presence of surface magnetic fields. These phenomena include cyclic wind variability observed in UV lines, other types of wind variability in particular in Hα, chemical peculiarity, specific pulsation behavior, anomalous X-ray emission, and non- thermal emission in the radio region. At the theoretical side the evidence is accumulating that stable magnetic field configurations can exist in massive stars throughout their evolution, and most of these stars end up as strongly magnetic neutron stars, so one would expect many more magnetic unevolved massive stars. On the observational side, however, direct magnetic detections in these stars are very rare, in spite of many attempts.

A summary of the observed magnetic OB stars is given. In the light of the above, the role of magnetic fields in massive stars will be discussed, in particular why it is so difficult to observe them, and how to identify magnetic candidates from the stellar wind behavior.

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