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Paper: Summary of Results of the Seminar on the Cultural Impact of Extraterrestrial
Volume: 213, Bioastronomy '99: A New Era in Bioastronomy
Page: 667
Authors: Billingham, John
Abstract: This seminar, organized by the Foundation For the Future, will take place on July 31 and August 1, 1999, in the same location as the Bioastronomy Conference. It will focus on the long term implications of a potential dialogue with an extraterrestrial civilization. The following topics will be addressed in a discussion format. • The impact of any practical information and advice that we receive: • The impact of new insights,understanding, and knowledge about major questions that go far beyond ordinary practical day-to-day matters: • The impact of a transformation in our view of ourselves and our place in the universe: • The impact of our role in some joint galactic project (in art, science, philosophy, or philanthropy, for example): • Any other significant impact or effects, either positive or negative: • What should humanity do NOW in order to maximize the positive long-term impact from an eventual dialogue - in order to achieve the greatest possible benefits for our culture, science, world view, and long-term future? The major conclusions of the discussions will be presented. The co- ordinator of the seminar is Allen Tough, University of Toronto.
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