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Paper: SETItalia
Volume: 213, Bioastronomy '99: A New Era in Bioastronomy
Page: 501
Authors: Montebugnoli, Stelio; Cattani, A.; Cecchi, M.; Maccaferri, A.; Monari, J.-M.; Mariotti, S.; Cosmivici, C. B.; Maccone, C.
Abstract: Late April 98 the Setitalia program officially started with the installation of a 2,5 MHz bandwidth 4 million channels Serendip IV module at the 32 m VLBI dish antenna in Medicina (Bologna). On December 98 a second FFT board has been installed allowing the system to work at 5 MHz input bandwidth and 8 million channels. On June/July 99 more 4 FFT boards will be added (two of these come from a Seti Institute grant to the Setitalia program) leading the spectrometer to a 15 MHz input bandwidth, 24 million channels configuration. Data post processing and RFI rejection software has been written and, at the moment, is under test. Some developments of the Setitalia program are also reported.
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