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Paper: Extinct Life on Mars: Looking for Traces of Viruses Instead of Bacteria
Volume: 213, Bioastronomy '99: A New Era in Bioastronomy
Page: 369
Authors: Ksanfomality, Leonid
Abstract: The finds in the ALH 84001 meteorite were reported as a sign of traces and fossils of ancient Martian primitive life. Despite many experiments, the issue has not been settled. A study of geochemical data suggests that simple inorganic processes sometimes offer a more plausible explanation of the suspicious structures found in the ALH 84001 meteorite that had been discussed by many authors. A photo of certain micro structures got in the paper of N. Yushkin (Fig. 1) proves the point. (Figure: The inorganic structures in granites.) It is known that viruses possess an ability to survive under very severe external conditions. The Martian biogenic activity (if any) could leave its virus' sign. Thus it could make a sense to look for viruses or even DNA traces both in the body of the ALH 84001 meteorite and on Mars in future space missions instead of traces of the extinct bacteria.
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