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Paper: Ferrate (IV) as a Possible Oxidant on the Martian Surface
Volume: 213, Bioastronomy '99: A New Era in Bioastronomy
Page: 315
Authors: Tsapin, Alexandre; Goldfeld, M. G.; McDonald, G. D.; Nealson, K. H.; Mohnke, J.; Moskovitz, B.; Solheid, P.; Kemner, K. H.; Orlandini, K.
Abstract: Viking experiments showed that Martian soil has a very strong oxidant, which could be responsible for the results of experiments performed on Viking landers. These experiments were designed specifically to detect life on Mars. The nature of that oxidant was not determined during Viking mission. Later several groups tried to reconstruct Viking experiments and find out the nature of Martian oxidant. None of these attempts were completely successful. The general perception was that there are several chemically different oxidants on Martian surface. In this study we suggested that potassium ferrate K_2FeO_4 can be Martian oxidant responsible at least partially for the results of experiments on Viking landers. We characterized liquid and powder preparation of Fe (VI) with EPR, optical spectroscopy, Mossbauer spectroscopy, and by Fe-XANES. All properties of our preparations of (FeVI) are consistent with the proposal role of that compound as a strong oxidant on Martian surface.
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