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Paper: Stellar Populations in the Nucleus of NGC 6764.
Volume: 211, Massive Stellar Clusters
Page: 120
Authors: Eckart, A.; Schinnerer, E.
Abstract: We present first results of near-infrared integral field spectroscopy of the central 8"x8" of the Wolf-Rayet nucleus of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 6764. In addition to stellar CO and Na I absorption lines as well as recombination lines of H and HeI the K-band spectrum shows strong emission from molecular hydrogen. Analysis of the stellar nuclear light using population synthesis in conjunction with NIR spectral synthesis suggests either the presence of two starbursts with ages of ~5 Myr and ~20 Myr or continuous star formation with a star formation rate of ~0.4 Msun/yr over the past 1 Gyr.
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