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Paper: Near-Infrared Properties of Four Young Star Clusters in NGC 4038/39
Volume: 211, Massive Stellar Clusters
Page: 96
Authors: Mengel, S.; Lehnert, M. D.; Thatte, N.; Genzel, R.
Abstract: Integral field spectroscopy in the K-band (1.9-2.4 mu) was performed on four IR-bright star clusters in NGC4038/39 ("The Antennae"). Two of them (hereafter F1 and F2) are located in the overlap region of the two galaxies, and together comprise ~25% of the total 15 mu and ~10% of the total non-thermal 4.8 GHz emission from this pair of merging galaxies. The other two clusters, each of them spatially resolved into two components, are located in the northern galaxy, one on the eastern (F3) and one on the western (F4) "loop" of blue clusters. Comparing our analysis of Br_gamma, CO-bandheads, H_alpha (from archival HST data), and V-K colours with stellar population synthesis models indicates that the clusters are extincted (Av ~ 0.7-4.3 mag.) and young, displaying a significant age spread (4-10 x 106 yrs). Using our derived age estimates and assuming the parameters of the IMF, we find that these clusters have masses that range from a few times 10^5 to a few times 10^6 Msun.
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