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Paper: Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in the Perseus Cluster
Volume: 197, XVth IAP Meeting Dynamics of Galaxies: From the Early Universe to the Present
Page: 343
Authors: Gallagher, J. S.; Conselice, C. J.; Wyse, R. F. G.
Abstract: Dwarf ellipticals have the lowest stellar densities of any galaxies, but paradoxically are most common in the densest regions of the universe, and are especially frequent in rich clusters of galaxies. Simple estimates suggest that low luminosity dwarf ellipticals should be subject to substantial tidal heating in rich clusters if most of their mass is in the form of normal stars. We have therefore undertaken a program to image dwarfs in clusters with the 3.5-m high performance WIYN and ARC and smaller, wide field telescopes. Our objectives include testing for evidence of tidal disruption in the form of asymmetries and searching for evidence of recent star formation which might be associated with the production of elliptical dwarfs from infalling field galaxies.
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