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Paper: DENIS Detections of Highly Obscured Galaxies in the Area around PKS1343-601
Volume: 329, Nearby Large-Scale Structures and the Zone of Avoidance
Page: 167
Authors: Schroder, A.C.; Kraan-Korteweg, R.C.; Mamon, G.A.; Woudt, P.A.
Abstract: We present results of a search for galaxies around the highly obscured giant radio galaxy PKS1343−601 using the near-infrared DENIS survey. We compare our findings with surveys in the B-band, at the 21 cm line emission, and with 2MASS. Recession velocities of galaxies in this area suggest a low-velocity-dispersion group or cluster of galaxies including an X-ray con- firmed Seyfert 2. The colours of the galaxies have been used to examine the extinctions in this low-latitude area where IRAS/DIRBE estimates are unreliable. We find the true extinction to be roughly 15 percent lower than the IRAS/DIRBE extinctions.
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