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Paper: Fast Outflow of Neutral and Ionized Gas from the Radio Galaxy 3C 293
Volume: 331, Extra-Planar Gas
Page: 353
Authors: Emonts, B.H.C.; Morganti, R.; Oosterloo, T.A.; Tadhunter, C.N.; van der Hulst, J.M.
Abstract: We detect a fast outflow of neutral and ionized gas with velocities up to ~1000 km/s from the central region of radio galaxy 3C 293. With optical spectroscopy we locate the bulk of the ionized gas outflow at the position of a bright radio hot-spot in the inner radio jet, about 1 kpc east of the nucleus. Given the presence of large amounts of cold gas and the distorted morphology of the radio jet in this region, we argue that the ISM is pushed out by a severe interaction with the radio plasma. The similarity of the outflow of HI with the ionized gas outflow that we see at the position of the radio hot-spot suggests that despite the high energies involved in the jet-ISM interaction, part of the gas stays neutral, or recombines. In this paper we also present the detection of Hi emission in three nearby companions of 3C 293.
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