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Paper: Extra-planar HI in Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
Volume: 331, Extra-Planar Gas
Page: 253
Authors: Matthews, L.D.
Abstract: Sensitive HI imaging observations of two isolated, edge-on, low surface brightness (LSB) spiral galaxies have revealed a vertically-extended neutral hydrogen component in both systems, extending to |z| ~2.3-2.9 kpc. These represent the first reported detections of extra-planar HI emission in galaxies with such low current star formation rate (~ 0.01 − 0.02 MSolar yr−1). Three-dimensional modeling of one of these galaxies (UGC 7321) shows that neither warping nor flaring of the gas layer alone can account for the observations, implying the existence of an additional HI "halo" component. This "halo" appears to lag in rotation relative to the material in the midplane. In the second galaxy, IC 2233, the high-latitude HI is more extensive and shows more complex kinematics, including possible evidence for a component that is orbiting inclined ~ 45° to the disk. I briefly discuss possible origins for the high-latitude gas in these two LSB galaxies.

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