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Paper: High Velocity H I in NGC 6946 and Extra-planar Gas in NGC 253
Volume: 331, Extra-Planar Gas
Page: 247
Authors: Boomsma, R.; Oosterloo, T.A.; Fraternali, F.; van der Hulst, J.M.; Sancisi, R.
Abstract: Multi-wavelength observations of nearby spiral galaxies have shown that neutral and ionized gas are present up to a few kpc from the disk and that star formation and supernovae probably play an important role in bringing gas into the halo. We have obtained very sensitive H I observations of the face-on galaxy NGC 6946 and of the nearly edge-on starburst galaxy NGC 253. We find high velocity H I clouds in NGC 6946 and extra-planar gas with anomalous velocities in NGC 253. In both galaxies there seems to be a close connection between the star-forming disk and the halo H I. In the outer parts of NGC 6946 there is also evidence for recent gas accretion.
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