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Paper: Extra-planar and Intergalactic HII Regions
Volume: 331, Extra-Planar Gas
Page: 195
Authors: Ryan-Weber, E.V.; Meurer, G.R.; Freeman, K.C.; Putman, M.E.; Webster, R.L.
Abstract: We present some first results from the Survey for Ionization in Neutral-Gas Galaxies: the discovery of intergalactic (or extra-planar) HII regions 20-30 kpc from the nearest galaxy. The stellar populations are very young and appear to have formed in gaseous tidal debris, where no stars existed previously. Models of the underlying stellar populations, scenarios for star formation, enrichment of the intergalactic medium, implications of an intergalactic star formation rate, and the possibility that these HII regions are progenitors of tidal dwarf galaxies will be discussed.
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