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Paper: Gaseous Halos around Late-type Spiral Galaxies and their Dependence on Activity in the Underlying Disks
Volume: 331, Extra-Planar Gas
Page: 187
Authors: Dahlem, M.
Abstract: I report here on work in progress of studies of the dependence between gaseous halos around spirals and the level of star formation in the underlying disks, with the goal of improving the reliability of our earlier results (Dahlem et al. 1995, 2001). New observations of a small number of edge-on galaxies with gaseous halos are presented that will allow us to quantitatively compare disk and halo properties and check for interdependencies in these systems. In addition, I introduce a few new observing techniques that will help us to increase the size of samples of objects suitable for investigations of disk-halo interactions and the propagation of particles not only out of the galaxy disks, but possibly also out of their gravitational potential into the intergalactic medium.
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