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Paper: Kinematics of the Ionized Halo of NGC 5775
Volume: 331, Extra-Planar Gas
Page: 171
Authors: Heald, G.H.; Rand, R.J.; Benjamin, R.A.; Collins, J.A.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.
Abstract: Studies of the kinematics of gaseous halos in some spiral galaxies have shown that the rotational velocity of the gas decreases with height above the midplane (z). This vertical velocity gradient has been observed in both the neutral and ionized components of halos. We present imaging Fabry{Perot Hα observations of the edge-on galaxy NGC 5775. These observations allow us to study the variation in the rotation curve (and, to some extent, the radial profile) of the ionized gas component as a function of z. We have used an iterative technique to infer the major axis rotation curve from the ionized gas observations as well as CO data. A preliminary analysis of position-velocity (PV) diagrams parallel to the major axis implies the presence of a vertical velocity gradient. The magnitude of this gradient is tentatively found to be ~ 2 km s−1 arcsec−1, consistent with the results of Rand (764) and Tüllmann et al. (322).
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