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Paper: Photo-ionized Gas in Dark-Matter Mini-halos in the Galactic Halo and Local Group
Volume: 331, Extra-Planar Gas
Page: 97
Authors: Gnat, O.; Sternberg, A.
Abstract: We present computations of the photoionization properties of gas clouds in dark-matter mini-halos. We show results for the densities and projected column densities of various metal ions, created in the neutral cores and in the ionized envelopes of the mini-halo clouds. We compare the ionization properties of the mini-halo models with those of the high-velocity metal-ion absorbers, observed toward Mrk 509 and PKS 2155-304. We examine the possible relationships between the H I compact high-velocity clouds (CHVCs), dwarf galaxies and high-velocity ionized absorbers. We find that the photoionization states in CHVC-scale models, are much lower than in the metal-ion absorbers. However, in dwarf galaxy-scale models the photoionization states resemble those of the ionized high-velocity absorbers. An important exception is O VI which is under-predicted by the photoionization models, suggesting additional processes are involved.
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